Evil Diamond-Loving Dogs

Evil Lab Mouse

Evil Prince


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[Vexy and Smurfette we're sitting down on there Bean Bags thinking about being Superheroes]

Vexy: I'm board, Smurfette aren't you?

Smurfette: I know, it's boring I wish to be a Superhero!

Vexy: Me, too!

[Hackus comes in the room]

Hackus: You say that you guys want to be SuperHeroes, huh?

Smurfette: Yeah, we do Hackus

Vexy: Do you have any Tips?

Hackus: Oh, yeah just jump into my favorite Book!

Vexy: The Evil Cases Of the Evil Diamond-Loving Dogs, The Evil Prince, and The Evil Lab Mouse!

Smurfette: Wow, thanks Hackus!

Hackus: No Problem, Girls! Have Fun!

Vexy: Okay, jump with Me, Smurfette?

Smurfette: Okay, now jump!

[Smurfette and Vexy jumped into the Book at became Smurf TV Series styled]

Smurfette: (Pointing) Look, Vexy it's the Evil Diamond-Loving Dogs stories!

Vexy: (Turns to Smurfette) Okay, let's go defeat them!

[The seine turns to the Dogs Diamond-Maid house]

Dogs: (Evil Laughing) Those Superheroes we'll never get us!

Smurfette and Vexy: Not So Fast, Dogs!

Dogs: What, there Run haha!

Vexy: Wow, look at my Power of Medal!

Smurfette: My Power First, The Power of Fire!

[Flames came down from Smurfette's Hands as they came threw the Diamond-Maid House as Smurfette Crouched Down]

Smurfette: Now, Vexy!

Vexy: My Pleasure!

[A Peace of Medal came down on the Dogs]

Dogs: aaaaaaaahhhh, raha!

Vexy: (crouching) Now, what's Next?

Smurfette: This Is Fun!

Vexy: I Know!

Smurfette: The Evil Lab Rats Lair!

Vexy: ok, let's go!

[The Lab Lair appears]

Rat: Haha those Superheroes won't stop Me!

Vexy: Yes, we will!

Smurfette: You EVIL Rat!

Rat: Now, Now Super Smurfs no need to aaaaahh!

[Vexy jumps Up And Uses some Nails to Hurt the Rats Feet]

Rat: Oh, my What's That F....Yow!

Vexy: (Legs crouched down) C'mon, Smurfette!

[Vexy and Smurfette jump on a Snork and rides away]

Rat: Yowoww rihaha o ouch ouch ouch!

[Vexy and Smurfette jump off the Snork]

Vexy and Smurfette: Oh, yeah! (Hi Five and laughs)

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