Vexy, smurfette, and hackus

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Love for a friend is the first ever episode of 2 broke smurfs.

the big break up=Edit

Vexy was looking threw the close basket that day and she was looking for her boyfriends (grouches) underwear that slid under the bed last night (that seemed odd to vexy). Grouchy desided to break up with vexy because they needed time apart. Vexy was angry with grouchy because they countnt be boyfriend and girlfriend anymore and they began to fight. After the fight vexy saw smurfette and was glad to see her. Smurfette told vexy what was wrong,and she told smurfette that she and grouchy broke up. Smurfette was terrified that her best friend broke up with her best friends boyfriend. Smurfette told vexy to just dance and be happy,but vexy refused. And then smurfette desided to have girl time with vexy, and vexy thought it was a great idea. Smurfette said that she was getting her haircut at the barber shop and vexy wanted to come so it was girl time for them.while smurfette was getting her haircut,vexy kept knocking on the door to see if she was done getting her haircut. When smurfette came out the door, vexy loved what she saw (smurfettes hair was shorter blonde hair then usual.)

Showing hackus and smurfettes storyEdit

Vexy said that smurfette should hackus her new hair style. Hackus was playing video games until his sister (vexy) showed smurfettes new hair style. Hackus said that smurfette was hot. When vexy told the two that she was going down the hall, smurfette and hackus chatted. As vexy was walking down the hall, she bumped into grouchy and they said sorry to each other about breaking up and they kissed. Then,smurfette came down the hall and saw them kissing. Vexy said she was sorry that smurfette had to see that,but smurfette whenet down the hall crying and went to her room. Vexy,grouchy, and hackus tried to make smurfette come out the door,but vexy said that she broke up with grouchy again and smurfette came out the door. Vexy was glad to see smurfette out her room from crying.Smurfette told vexy that she was afraid that her best friend (vexy) whoud be boyfriend with grouchy, then she who ident have vexy for her best friend anymore. But vexy told smurfette that she was her best friend know matter what.